What Are the Branded Probiotics Available in the Market?

There are many different probiotics brands available in the market and most of them are approved by FDA. In different countries, different probiotics are available. Some brands of probiotics are in the form of food and drinks and some are even available as supplements. There are different people in the world; some people are not able to take tablets so for them probiotics brand is available as syrup. Even the flavored and sweetened syrups are available for the children. The increasing brands are due to the awareness among the people about the benefits of probiotics on the digestive system. Probiotics are very helpful for the health of gut and intestine.

Increasing awareness of the probiotics brand among people

The increasing importance of probiotics is from the last five years and from that time man probiotics food and drinks available in the market. The market survey that has been performed in the past shows that the probiotics that are holding the number one position are the yogurt probiotics or those that are obtained from dairy products. After the yogurt probiotics the second position is held by the probiotic supplements.

Branded probiotics in the Europe

Let’s first consider the probiotics brand in the Europe, in Europe probiotics was first introduced in the form of yogurt. Those yogurt brands that were available in the Europe mostly contain the bifido bacterium strains. However with time many new probiotics brands came in the European market, that contains other strains of probiotics and some contain the combination of different strains. After the yogurt brands have been discovered then the concept of healthy drinks was introduced that also contains the probiotic strains.

Valio Gefilus is the very famous probiotics brand in the Europe and it was introduced twenty years before, with time they brought changes in the product and alter that according to the customer demands.

Probiotics brand available in Japanese market

Yakult was a very famous probiotic brand in Japan and it was under the category of dose delivery probiotics. It has completed many years of success. It delivers the complete amount of probiotics and should be consumed without any tension. The Japanese were the pioneer of the Yakult and it is a very famous dairy product there.

Famous probiotics brand in the western market

Activia is very famous probiotics brand in the west and it occupies a good place in the global market. This brand is also imported into many countries but pioneer of this brand is the France. This is the first product that was available in the spoon able form, and everyone likes to eat this, as it is available in different flavours. Even a sugar free is also available for the different peoples who are suffering from special conditions. It has occupied the mainstream in the USA yogurt market. This brand is enjoying good sale all over the world.

image6Why people prefer probiotics brand available in the market

People prefer probiotics brand available in the market, because it has got many advantages. These probiotics brands are very useful for the children’s born by the Caesarean section, as they have less number of normal florae. Because the children’s born by the normal vaginal delivery are come out by touching the mother intestine thus they have good quantity of the normal bacteria’s but those who come by Caesarean sections do not. This was the reason behind the difference, thus we should give the Caesarean child a good amount of probiotics. Before consuming any marketed brand of probiotics we must make sure about the available strains of bacteria in it. Probiotic brand supplements are available same as the vitamins and mineral supplements, but the differences that they can be obtained from the supermarket rather than the pharmacy.

How we can be aware of the false brands

There are many probiotics brands that are claiming many benefits but when customers use those products, the desired effect will not be produced. To be aware of those brands and the false products we must consult the doctor before consuming any brand. As there are many over the counter probiotics that does not prove, what they claim. The famous probiotics brand available in the market includes Mutagenic, Rainbow Light, Nutrition Now, Nature’s Way, and Nestle Amul etc. These were the name of companies that manufactures probiotics brands. The Nestle and Amul are famous dairy products manufacturer and they manufacture in the form of yogurt.

 Available forms of probiotics brands in the market

Probiotics brand that is available in different markets are of a different form and have a different dosage requirement.

The different forms of probiotics brands include:

  •     tablets
  •     capsules
  •     syrups
  •     soup
  •     drinks
  •     powders
  •     foods
  •     pearls
  •     beads and others

These different products contain different strains of probiotic bacteria. In short, we should avoid those products that are not approved by FDA, as those brands have chances of side effects within the patient. There are certain standards that have been issued by the FDA for manufacturing, packaging, disposal, and delivery of probiotics. The company that doesn’t follow those rules have chances of mishaps. There are many probiotics brands that are available online, and that can be purchased without going to the pharmacy. Nevertheless it is highly recommended that don’t consume e any brand without consulting your health providers. We should not recommend any one probiotics as all of us are different. On the web we can find the chart that contains the daily requirement of probiotics as the requirements of probiotics differ in different person. Even nowadays in the market we can find the vegetarian capsule.

What’s so new about the vegetarian capsules?

Nowadays in the market there are vegetarian capsules available that contain a daily dose of probiotics. These vegetarian capsules are meant for those people who have allergy with other products, so they are made by using that source of probiotics that are safe to be used by vegetarians or by the allergic peoples. With advancement many new brands are coming to market with one new feature or the other.